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Why DaveAI bots ?

DaveAI’s website chatbot are AI Virtual assistants. They are intelligent, always learning and have the ability to personalize the conversation to help achieve a business objective. This could be to qualify leads, demonstrate product features, make recommendations, upsell/cross sell or support customers in real time.


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Yes, website chatbot increase sales. With prompt solutions to queries, AI Chatbot for website bridge the gap between communication and service and enhance the quality of customer support in return. Customer engagement is accurate and personalized. Chatbots boost sales by 67%.

The cost of an AI chatbot depends on the company, business requirements, and the technical aspects that lay the foundation for the working of this chatbot.

The time required to create an AI chatbot for website entirely depends on the availability of resources and the modules for the chatbot to be developed. It can take a chatbot maximum of 2 to 3 weeks to be developed.

Chatbots learn in two ways. By analyzing previous data and making predictions from experiences or by humans modifying the system.

A chatbot can be made smarter with the help of machine learning and user modelling.

A smart chatbot is an AI automated chatbot that can initiate free-flowing conversations like humans and understand the intent and language of the user.

DaveAI can help accelerate the digital transformation of a business, increase sales conversion, optimize brand presence, and improve customer retention by providing solutions like AI chatbots, virtual avatars, virtual stores, micro branch facilities, innovative Metaverse opportunities, and much more.