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About the Event

The banking industry is undergoing a major transformation, thanks to technological advancements. AI-powered Chatbots, Smart kiosks have already begun to revolutionize operational and customer service aspects. Banks are now able to set-up a fully functional Micro Branch just with a few ATMs and AI-powered Kiosks all under one roof, lowering operating expenses remarkably.

Join this session to discuss how AI is transforming the banking industry. While physical branches remain a crucial component of the banking equation, how will banks meet the needs of tomorrow’s tech-savvy customers? What’s in store for the bank branches of the future? Will Branchless Banking or Micro Branches pave the way to seamless customer experience? Let’s discuss.

Key Topics

  1. The Influence of AI in banking
    – Micro branches
  2. Adopting branchless banking
    – Preparing for the era of micro branches
  3. Future of banking
    – What lies ahead
Future of bank branches

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The agenda of this session is to understand from various ingenious industry leaders how banks are trying to keep up with the pace to meet the demands of a digital-focused market. To discuss how will micro branches be adopted in the banking ecosystem and how can AI be leveraged to form a solid foundation of sustainable economic growth by leading to a secure financial future.

Welcome note

Keynote by Intel

Presentation by DaveAI

Fireside chat with BFSI Industry Leaders

Closing Remarks


Srimathy S

Executive Director at
Indian Overseas Bank

SB Ngoo

Senior Director of Partners & Alliances in
HEC, Intel IoTG

Rakesh Bandlamudi

Ex Assistant VP at

Hareesh Shankrappa

Segment Marketing Manager at
Intel Corporation

Piyush Beniwal

Chief Manager at
Bank of Baroda

Dr. G. Ananth

Co-founder & CTO at


Sriram PH

Co-founder & CEO at

Vidya Prabhu

Marketing Head at

Puneet Sharma

Business Development Manager at DaveAI

Richa Kapre

Project Manager at

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