Multimedia Designer Intern

Calling all creative whiz kids! We’re a Metaverse company that specializes in creating mind-bending virtual worlds, super-cool avatars, and even mind-blowing GPT bots. And now, we’re on the lookout for a talented and motivated Intern Multimedia Designer to join our creative squad and help us take things to the next level!

– Get ready to dive into the Metaverse as you work your magic on videos, turning them into jaw-dropping experiences that will captivate users in our virtual worlds.
– Transform ordinary photos into visual masterpieces that’ll make our avatars shine and our virtual landscapes pop.
– Channel your inner artist and let your imagination run wild as you create stunning illustrations and graphics that will transport users to unimaginable realms.
– Collaborate with our team of visionaries to design mind-blowing content that will leave social media platforms in awe.
– Help us knock it out of the metaverse with sales pitches and presentations by adding visuals and graphics that’ll make heads spin in disbelief.
– Prepare to bring your A-game to brainstorming sessions, where we’ll dream up the wildest and most innovative ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible.
– Master the art of design principles, composition techniques, and color theory in a world where imagination knows no limits.
– Assist with organizing and administrative tasks to ensure our multimedia projects run as smoothly as a glitch-free virtual reality experience.
– Embrace the art of multitasking as you juggle various projects, adapt to ever-evolving virtual landscapes, and meet deadlines that are out of this world.
– Stay in sync with the latest trends and groundbreaking advancements in multimedia design, because in the Metaverse, innovation never sleeps.

– Your creative powers are second to none, and you’ve got the skills to prove it when it comes to photo editing, video editing, and illustration techniques.
– You’re well-versed in industry-standard multimedia software like Davinci Resolve, Adobe Suite, and other cutting-edge tools that bring our virtual creations to life.
– Bonus points if you have experience with motion graphics and animation, because we love adding that extra wow factor to our virtual experiences.
– Your attention to detail is as sharp as a laser beam, and your creative spark ignites a wildfire of imagination.
– Communication and collaboration are your secret weapons, allowing you to thrive in a team environment where we’re all working towards a shared virtual vision.
– You’re hungry for knowledge and eager to learn, grow, and evolve your skills in this ever-evolving Metaverse landscape.
– Strong organizational and time management skills are a must, because in our virtual realm, staying organized and meeting deadlines is crucial.

Note: This internship description is your golden ticket to join us on an extraordinary journey through the Metaverse. So, if you’re ready to unleash your creative powers in a world where the possibilities are endless, we can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you!

Location: WFH
Experience Required: Fresher
Qualification Required:

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