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How about taking the idea of your brand into the Virtual World?

Equip your brand with a Virtual presence to have an edge over the competition!

Take your Customers on a virtual tour and exhibit your products and services in the comfort of their homes. Give your customers a futuristic vision of your brand with DaveAI’s metaverse development services.

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Capitalize with virtual experience!

Opportunities to explore in the metaverse…

It goes without saying “Market like the era you are in“. The world is heading towards the digital revolution, make your presence matter with your own metaverse. Encash on the opportunities lying around with DaveAI to build a creative approach to your customers and develop the metaverse platform for brand engagement.

Metaverse Solutions for Every Industry!

DaveAI develops a metaverse for brands in different business domains with different prospects to engage with their customers. We develop virtual experiences with different themes to exhibit the brand the identity.
Features making the difference!

The features of the technology are the ground to explore its adoption and application. Here are the features of Metaverse that stand out to make the new experience futuristic.

3D Avatars

With personalized 3D avatars, users can represent themselves in the virtual environment. Avatar gives a digital identity in a virtual environment giving users a representation and interact with Brand Avatar.

Gamified Experience

Reshape customer engagement in a gamified experience to offer users an engagement platform in different themes in line with the brand and its offerings.

Metaverse for brands

Technology Integration

Integrate advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Blockchain, etc to make Metaverse more adaptive to modern-day user demands on the virtual world.

Upgraded Security

Metaverse houses a wide range of digital assets holding monetary value and ownership attached to them. Backed with Blockchain, Metaverse provides upgraded asset security.

Stand out with DaveAI

Possessing the potential to explore new themes and ideas to make them virtual with industry expertise, DaveAI differentiates itself with differentiating factors to cater for every industry.

Domain Expertise

We help create an audience-specific experience with talent and expertise in different business domains.

Scale at will

Manage the growing audience traffic in your virtual space by scaling the IT infrastructure managed by DaveAI.

Customized Solutions

Deploy solutions developed in line with the brand guidelines to preserve your identity in a virtual environment.

User interaction

We enable users to socially interact while on the metaverse which is a key differentiator in the virtual world.

Prototype Development

With DaveAI, get a prototype developed to visualize the virtual space before taking it to live to your users.

Support and Maintenance

With in-house technical support and maintenance, be assured of consistent uptime.

We have worked with the best to make their vision virtual!

Client of Digital Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Avatar
Client of Digital Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar

You are in good company!

Here’s what our clients say…
We wanted to go a step further in our digital journey. To introduce the Grand Vitara in Metaverse, DaveAI team came up with the idea of Nexaverse. We are very happy to share that DaveAI supported us immensely and Nexaverse could see the light of day in a short period of time along with the global unveiling of the Grand Vitara. We are seeing very good traction and 20% of our bookings are from this Metaverse strategy.
Ram Suresh Akhila,

Executive Director,
Maruti Suzuki India Limited

The Metaverse output that came from DaveAI was fabulous. I am looking forward to working on many more projects with them.

Project Manager,
Maruti Suzuki India Limited



Metaverse is a futuristic digital concept that enables interaction in a virtual environment through personalized avatars. It holds the capability to mimic a physical action in a virtual world.

Metaverse will evolve with adoption and can be adopted in different domains like marketing, sales, communication, user engagement, and many more through an enhanced customer experience in a 3D virtual environment.

Interaction between a Human and a Computer can be made more realistic with metaverse. Making systems and devices smart, metaverse adoption will be the futuristic path of interaction.  

Brands can develop their own proprietary metaverse platform in different contexts to engage with their user base. DaveAI builds metaverse for brands in different themes to offer virtual products and service experiences.