Key Features

DaveAI’s Empathetic AI platform is a blend of technologies that comes together to create a personalized and immersive customer experience.

No Cold Start Issues

The platform is powered by online learning genetic algorithms that allows DaveAI to start making predictions with minimal data & learn on the go.

Flexible Deployments

DaveAI’s proprietary platform can be deployed on the DaveAI Cloud, VPC of the enterprise or seamlessly on-premise including edge deployments.

Cognitive Data Models

DaveAI’s proprietary backend enables adapting to flexibility requirements of business data such as new products & attributes, making it a highly efficient and cognitive system.

Enterprise Grade Security

DaveAI adopts industry best practices on security including SSL encryption for data in transit, multifactory authentication for data when stored, firewall and port security for database and other data. All Dave services undergo vulnerability and penetration tests periodically by professional security agencies.

APIs for Seamless Integration

DaveAIs RESTful APIs allow quick and seamless integration with enterprise systems. DaveAI APIs also allow developers to create a functional application for a diverse set of use cases that demand real time intelligence.


DaveAI is an enterprise grade platform whose technology architecture supports AI deployments at scale. This containerized system is orchestrated to support auto scaling, scheduling and platform agnostic portability.

Empathetic AI

A sales augmentation platform that can learn customer preferences in real time to make personalized recommendations.

An AI Brain with an affinity engine at its core that leverages data collected in real time to personalize the conversation. DaveAI is a self-learning system powered by online learning genetic algorithms and deep neural networks. DaveAI delivers better efficiency and efficacy when compared to traditional AI systems by eliminating cold start issues during initial phases with minimal data and lean scaling without the need for investment in an army of data scientists to tweak algorithms.


daveai Platform

Platform Modules

GDPR Compliant Facial Detection

GDPR Compliant Facial Detection

Speech & NLP

Speech & NLP

Real time 3D Visualization

Real time 3D Visualization

Intelligence at the Edge​

Intelligence at the Edge

One of the key USPs of DaveAI is the ability to deploy the platform optimized at the edge. DaveAI’s proprietary LSVASR system along with other aspects such as facial detection and the affinity engine can be deployed at the edge. Deployments such as Store in a Box for Retail and Branch in a box in BFSI can be optimized with ease.

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