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Next-gen Digital Branchless Banking Experience

Provide customers a personalized digital experience by deploying branchless banking at scale.

Sales Process Enhancement

Human Touch with a Virtual Avatar

Reduce Operational Cost

Personalized Customer Interaction

Cross-channel Integration & Security

AI Micro Branch kiosk

Virtual Bank of the Future

DaveAI’s micro branches are designed to optimize branchless banking operations with a human touch. These interactive kiosks

– Use facial detection to understand customers

– Initiates customer interactions via a Virtual Avatar

– Responds with Audio-Visual content in natural language

DaveAI’s platform is a unique blend of speech, vision, personalization & visualization that brings humanless bank branch to life!


Capital Cost


Increase in Customer Engagement


Improvement in Lead Qualification

AI Powered Edge Intelligence

Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and patent pending Empathetic AI technology, DaveAI’s platform has the capability to understand customer preferences and behaviour. The platform provides real-time personalised assistance to customer queries and seamlessly enables them to carry out financial transactions.

AI microbranch
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Speech & NLP
  • Visualization

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Kiosk Banking refers to a simplified form of banking offered through a kiosk without the requirement of the customer to visit the physical branch. He/She can avail all the services provided at the bank through the kiosk.

Kiosk being a simplified version of the bank being able to provide all of the services in a much simplified way, is often referred to as a mini bank or a micro branch

Kiosk are primarily booth like machines placed at high-traffic areas to offer a seamless service assistance to the customers. In terms of banking, kiosk is used to sophisticate the customer's banking experience through virtual interactions and automated processes.

The major types of kiosks include-
-Information kiosks- These kiosks convey information and are also capable of providing solutions.
- Internet Kiosk- These kiosks are primarily used to provide internet connection over a limited area in any environment
- Wayfinding kiosk Machine- As the name stands, these kiosks help in generating a mapping system for smaller areas. They can provide with both 2d and 3D maps
-Payment Kiosk Machines- These kiosks can accept coins and notes in various shapes and sizes to facilitate payments.
- Ticket Kiosk Machines- These kiosks provide the commuters or visitors with chip based tickets or tokens for various purposes.

The conventional method of visiting the branch for all the purposes is often time-consuming and not feasible in terms of distance. Kiosk on the other hand, offer a more convenient service with a quicker solution.

Information kiosks are used at various customer service points in various sectors like banking. hospitals, railway stations etc...

A kiosk is a machine set up at specific locations to serve various purposes depending upon the business and the requirements. Booth on the other hand is a much broader umbrella covering any structure built up to serve a purpose of sale, assistance, service provision etc...

DaveAI can help accelerate the digital transformation of a business, increase sales conversion, optimize brand presence, and improve customer retention by providing solutions like AI chatbots, virtual avatars, virtual stores, micro branch facilities, innovative Metaverse opportunities, and much more.

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