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AI powered solutions for the automobile sector


DaveAI’s sales augmentation platform helps in making customer experience immersive, intuitive & interactive – across both online & offline channels. Automate repetitive business tasks with DaveAI strategies, and develop smarter processes with precise solutions catered specifically to your needs.
Here's what DaveAI has to offer

Showcase your products on the web from a browser on your desktop, mobile, or VR.

Virtual Showroom

Create your physical showroom online & help customers explore the products better.

Virtual Avatar

A virtual sales assistant that can add life to your digital channels by talking to customers in real-time.

AI Chatbots

Intelligent chatbot that helps in cx automation and provides sales assistance on different platforms.


Add 2D, 3D, AR, VR visualizer to showcase your products to a larger audience in the form of a digital showroom.

Bring your business to


Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom

  • Create spaces in 3D, VR or AR.
  • Provide close-up view of the vehicle, interiors etc.
  • Provide users a virtual driving experience unlike never before.

AI Virtual Avatar

  • Facilitate conversations with customers in natural language.
  • Provide real-time recommendations & timely nudges.
  • Initiate an empathetic experience with real life like conversations.
ai virtual avatar daveai
ai chatbot

AI Chatbot

  • 24/7, Individualistic response to queries leads to greater engagement.
  • Omnichannel experience increases the list of clients.
  • Personalized recommendations lead to customer satisfaction.


  • Greater reach due to product demonstrations in real time.
  • Reduced unwanted query operations due to Feature showcase.
  • Increased ROI due to convenience and accuracy of product navigation.
3d automotive visualiser

Step into

Metaverse & more

Create your Metaverse and establish
your business presence.

Gamify customer experience!

Immersive & digitally integrable spaces.

Personalize digital wallet & leverage emerging currencies.

Drive into the lane of technology at full speed with DaveAI


Increase in customer


Increase in lead
qualification rate


Increase in ROI &
recommendation accuracy

Seamless integration with
existing applications

Hyper-personalize & automate
customer journey

Intelligent solutions that can work with your current solutions.


A virtual showroom is a 3D online, photo realistic, and an interactive space that replicates a brick and mortar store. A virtual showroom allows brands to personalize and shorten the buyer journey, tailor their sales processes and reach prospective customers.
The key features of a virtual showroom are 3D walkthrough, automated product rendering, avatar powered personalization, customer and product insights.
VR is used as a mechanism to boost sales in the automotive industry. VR led showrooms help increase sales by allowing customers to view the interiors and exteriors of a car in 3D and take a test drive as per their convenience.
Metaverse is the convergence of two worlds; the digital world and the real world. It is a unified approach towards creating an environment where the benefits of both these worlds collide. It is built from the already existing technologies to bring together all the 3D virtual environments into a single virtual world.
The in car entertainment in Metaverse would eliminate the need for screens and provide an immersive experience. Imagine being in a vehicle in Metaverse and having your favourite band sing your favourite song making you feel like you are a part of their concert. That real.
You can create a store in Metaverse by selecting an appropriate Metaverse development company, choosing the right blockchain and creating a theme for the design that caters to your audiences.

Bridging the gap between
self-assisted online discovery
& salesperson-assisted
offline discovery.

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